Chickenstock is one of the the three largest cities in the Nation State of Hawkland. It's characterized by oversized skyscrapers, commerce, Jazz music, and live performances.


Music is big in Chickenstock, and it's known to many as the birthplace of Jazz, a music form based on elvish and Amazonian songs.

Elven food is also considered a delicacy, and the city boasts more elven restaurants than any other. 

The mentality of the rich seems to be hard work, profit focus, and "work smarter". Huge global corporations like Linotech are located amongst the concrete jungle.


Chickenstock began its life as a tiny farm owned by an individual known as "Old Man Pettyfer". Eventually his farm expanded and when he died, the feudal like structures around the farm became open to the public as houses and shops. It's name comes from the well known fact that Pettyfer was the "greatest chicken farmer of them all!"